An Internship at Henlow Recruitment Group Coming to the end of my internship after just over 12 months I’ve been reflecting on whether my internship at Henlow Group has been a valuable experience… without a moment doubt, I can 100% say YES! Gap year at Henlow. Unfortunately, my university course did not offer the opportunity […]

Leading to blind Failure

Being the Boss: Why So Many Leaders Fail An interesting read by Elizabeth Lions. We’ve all been there… under a tyrannical leader that never accepts one’s own faults and sees nothing but failure in their team. Unfortunately, this is often not the acceptation but the norm. This article takes a look at the soft skills […]

So you’ve accepted a new opportunity…

The Resignation Process It’s always great news when you receive a job offer. After successfully completing the Interview Process, you would imagine it would be smooth sailing from there…but then you think, “oh wait, now I need to tell my boss”. We have in fact found that many candidates tend to find the resignation process […]

What is your weakness?

What is your weakness? Perhaps one of the worst personal interview questions that can be asked… However, we can all answer it, no one is a finished article and understanding your weaknesses is essential to personal development. but this still doesn’t dismantle the paradox that you’re in an interview trying to look you best. Personally, […]

How to be an effective leader

Being an effective leader can be challenging. Your own work and productivity are often impacted as leading people as time-consuming. From balancing conflicts and engaging full emotional intelligence whilst also maintaining your cool can be difficult at the best of times, but top it off with several project deadlines, that one major client who is […]